Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Memorable Meetings: Diana Krall

A few years ago, a friend and I waited outside of Diana Krall's dressing room door after a concert of hers in hopes of taking a picture with her.

She finally came out, surrounded by a large, fast-walking entourage of (what seemed to be) her staff.

When they passed us, I yelled out, "Mrs. Krall, Is there any way to take a quick picture with you?"

One of the members of her party gave my friend and I a very dirty look and yelled, "No pictures!"

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Krall immediately stopped, forcing the entourage to stop with her. She gave that man a very dirty look, shook her head at him, and then turned to my friend and I and smiled. "I would love to take a picture with you," she said.

I felt that, at that moment, Mrs. Krall felt connected to us, remembering what it was like for her, not so long ago, to approach her own musical heroes - ones who may not have been so kind to her as she had been to us.

For her to stop, scold her staff, and so kindly take a photo with my friend and I was an extremely heart warming experience. It will always serve as a reminder to never forget or forsake from where it is you come.

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